Team Spotlight: Walter Santana

Name: Walter Santana

Age: 28
Hometown: Ridgewood, NY
Current Location: Ridgewood, NY
Years Skating: 18
KCDC Team Rider since 2009
Favorite spot: IS-77

What’s up Walter? How’s life treating you?
Not too bad man. Everything’s looking good.

Glad to hear it, you been skating? Got any projects in the works?
Yeah, trying to get this part done for the KCDC 15 Year anniversary. Looking for filmer’s if anyone is down, hit me up.

Growing up in Ridgewood, have you seen the area change a lot? How has that affected your skating?
It’s changed drastically. It was nothing but family oriented and now it’s hipsters everywhere. It’s changed my skating for the better because I can just step out and there are people all around. I live next to the mandible claw dudes. It’s weird stepping outside and everywhere I look is skateboarding.

What else do you like to do besides skate?Besides skating, I’m a father to my dogs [laughs]. That’s about it they take up a lot of time and need a lot of attention.

That’s pretty cool. What kind of dogs do you have? Ever take them to Cooper to play while you skate?
I have a pitbull named Quinn and an Anatolian Shepard named Roach. It’s too much to take them to Cooper because she’s a little iffy with dogs, has some social anxiety but I do take them hiking a lot.

Yeah, but I’m sure that’s a better time for everybody. What’s different skating now versus when you started?
Man when I started there was no one skating and now there’s parks everywhere and still new ones popping up. It’s really awesome, I never had that and now I utilize it all the time. It’s great living next to Cooper.

True. Well I’ll let you get back out there. Any parting shots for the KCDC email list?
Yeah I would love to thank my girlfriend Chelsea, my dogs, everyone over at KCDC, my friends and family. Get ready and look out for me in 2016!