Team Spotlight: Bill Pierce

When he's not crushing it on the board Bill Pierce crushes it in the film industry. He stopped in the shop this week before he heads to Tokyo so we asked him a few questions.

Name: Bil Pierce
Age: 28
Hometown: Brick, New Jersey
Current Location: Brooklyn, NY
Years Skating: 15
KCDC Team Rider since 2008
Favorite spot: Alligator Ledge

What’s up in the world of Bill Pierce these days:
Recording audio for documentaries and TV. Working on my KCDC part for the 15 year anniversary. Trying to travel around. Leaving for Tokyo on Monday.

That’s sick. Why are you going to Tokyo?
Well, we’re premiering the spirit quest video in Tokyo and I like exploring new places. It gets me excited to skate. It’s a no-brainer, the guys I like to skate with are going so I’m gonna go create some new experiences with them.

What’s been your favorite place to visit so far?
It’s a tie between Austin, TX and San Francisco. I have a lot of friends in both places. They both offer different types of skating than New York so its fun to go there and come back to New York with new ideas and a different way of looking at spots.

Do you think skateboarding today is more a bunch of people trying to fit a mold or a bunch of small groups trying to make their own thing? 
It’s both. 

Any words for the kids today?
To keep skateboarding cool, just keep doing what your doing with your friends and have fun regardless of what direction the industry goes.