Meet Nate Hutsenpiller


Get to know your KCDC employees:

Name: Nate Hutsenpiller
Age: 28
Hometown: Orlando, FL
Current Location: Flatbush
Years Skating: 16
KCDC Employee since 2015
Job Title: Merch and Sales
Favorite spot: Williamsburg A-frame ledge

What do you like about working in a skateshop?
Getting to talk about skateboarding all day and just being surrounded by it. I think it actually helps my skating.

If it wasn't for skateboarding what would you be doing?
I don't know man, mowing yards in Florida haha.

How did you get into skating?
It's funny because he lives up here now, too. Damon Hall and I went to the same middle school. I would see him and his buddies skate before class and it took about three times of that happening before I started demanding my parents get me a board.

You lived in Colorado for a while, what made you move back to New York?
New York is home now. I moved here straight out of high school and left before I was ready to leave. The whole time I was gone I was itching to come back.

You got anything to say to the people reading this before we go?
Go skate!